Sometimes Skirt Alert shows me today's forecast and at other times it shows me tomorrow's. Why?
Skirt Alert gives you the forecast for today until 6 PM. After that, it will move its focus to tomorrow.

What about the Push Notifications? To which day do they pertain?
Same rules: if you set Skirt Alert to send you the notification before 6 PM, it pertains to today. If you set it past six, it pertains to tomorrow. By setting a notification in the morning just after waking up, you'll surely have an easier time picking your clothes. :)

I hate ad banners! Can I get rid of them?
Sure! You can remove them through the Settings screen. A very small fee is all we ask for.

There's a lot of fuss about privacy and apps going on these days. Is there anything you want to tell me?
Skirt Alert never collects personally identifiable information or personal data. The only things we collect:

  • If you request a weather forecast for your current location, Skirt Alert will ask your device where you are. The location data is sent to our server to retrieve the forecast for your area, but your location will never be stored with us.
  • We use Google Analytics and Apple's IDFA (Identifier for Advertisers) to measure statistics on how Skirt Alert is used, where and by what demographic.
  • When enabling Push Notifications, we will need to collect and store the time zone you are in.

Who are your two Skirt Girls? Can I have their phone numbers?
Sorry. Both of them are taken.

I have a question, suggestion or complaint!
Cool. Please do contact us at support@deviate.nl or visit our website.

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