Skirt Alert

Skirt Alert knows all about Skirts. Receive a push notification when it's getting hot out there or when the wind is causing lift-off. You wouldn't want that, right? Right!

Girls, get a heads up on when to wear your prettiest outfit! Guys, hit the terrace whenever Skirt Alert says yes. But beware of the wind alerts: they'll blow it all.

We use the most accurate weather information provided by the Skirts God™ to decide if it's the right time for Skirts, all shown in a beautiful and easy to use interface.

Tell Skirt Alert when it's convenient to receive a notification and you'll find out if it's Skirt Weather or not. Or just launch Skirt Alert to get more details about your current location or any other city in the world, for today or for days to come.

Skirt Alert for iPhone makes sure nobody ever has to be overdressed again. Or underdressed.

Skirt Alert is available in the App Store. Get it NOW!

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